Through dynamic presentations, carole ann shares new perspectives and tools that audiences can immediately implement to advance their leadership and career journeys.  

Penney Leadership designs engaging, reflective, and generative workshops for audiences at conferences, businesses, colleges, and mission-driven organizations. Each workshop is tailored to your community’s needs. Sessions can be adapted to various time frames; pricing is customized for your event. To inquire about a speaking opportunity, fill out the contact form below.


Cultivating Your Professional Resilience: The Essential Tool for Navigating a Modern Career
The career landscape is shifting, yet we continue to operate by outdated expectations about our career paths. This interactive session explores the differences between old beliefs and the real opportunities and challenges before us, and introduces what I believe is the essential tool for navigating a career and life with intention: Professional Resilience. We’ll apply this fresh mindset for career planning through practical tools that will help you articulate who you are and what you stand for—so you can move beyond letting your career happen to you and become a purposeful leader of your career path.

Participants walk away with a greater understanding of:

  • The fundamental shifts in the career landscape, and the opportunities and challenges that come with those changes.

  • The Professional Resilience mindset to creatively lead their own career development with intention, freeing them from following the road they happen to or believe they should be on.

  • Practical ideas for applying the framework in their own lives, starting with core questions and a defined next step to continue their exploration.

Uncovering Your Leadership Compass: Developing the Framework for Your Authentic Leadership
Mission-driven professionals are often promoted to leadership positions without the formal support or training to become the good leaders they want to be. They feel as though they’re making their leadership style up as they go along, trying and failing, or impersonating what a leader “should” be. They scrounge to attend free or low-cost one-off trainings to fill in the gaps, but struggle to apply those skills in their day-to-day work. This interactive workshop focuses on setting a strong foundation that is built around a leader’s core values and grounded in their unique sense of purpose. This self-awareness enables leaders to be true to their core beliefs at work and develop into more strategic, effective, and intentional leaders.

Participants walk away with a greater understanding of:

  • The unique set of values that drive them at a core level.

  • How values form the foundation of their authentic leadership style - no matter where they are in their leadership journey.

  • Practical tools for applying values as a leadership tool & a framework to build upon.


On Thursday, April 25th, the 18th annual WISE Symposium will take place in Syracuse, NY. The WISE Symposium is a high energy day of inspiration for Central New York’s leading female entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators. More information here.

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Carole Ann Penney, CPC
Strategic Career Coach | Speaker | Org Consultant


Carole Ann Penney develops mission-driven leaders, teams, and organizations, connecting them with new perspectives and tools so that they may confidently lead their lives and work with focus, adaptability, and purpose.

As the Founder and CEO of Penney Leadership, LLC, Carole Ann helps clients cultivate what she believes is the essential tool for navigating our careers and lives today: Professional Resilience —a clear, confident understanding of who they are, what they stand for, and what they bring to the table—so that they can navigate every twist and turn of their career paths with focus and adaptability.

She is also a consultant with Fio Partners, LLC, where she supports nonprofit organizations through strategic planning and leadership development.

A seasoned speaker and writer on topics related to leadership and career development, Carole Ann is passionate about sharing new perspectives and tools that audiences can immediately implement to advance their work.

Carole Ann has a B.A. in Education Studies from Brown University and holds certifications in nonprofit management & leadership (Tufts University) and professional coaching (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). She is Chair of The Lady Project’s Board of Directors, and mentors emerging female leaders through Brown University's Women's Launch Pad Program. When she is not coaching, Carole Ann is developing the most important emerging leader in her life—her three year old daughter, Avery Jean.


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