The Benefits of Working with a Coach


As your coach, I will:

Hold you accountable to making meaningful change in your career path and leadership journey. When we work together, you'll have regular time and space carved out for focused reflection and planing, and I'll hold you accountable to advancing your goals with strategic action.

Offer an objective perspective. The people around you have their own dreams for you and opinions on what you should do. But our conversations will be different. I'll be your sounding board, asking questions and helping you reflect more deeply, making connections, and introducing new perspectives. I'll help you access your own knowledge and pair that with resources around you to design a path forward that's true to who you are and who you're meant to become. 

Design customized support that's tailored to your goals, your way of thinking, and your learning style.  I have a toolbox that gives us a structure to work with, but it’s important that what we’re doing deeply resonates with you. So we’ll design assignments and a way of working together that's built around you. We’ll dive into real, practical, and personal ways for you to develop your career and your leadership, and we'll check in and course-correct on a regular basis.