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You’re ready to beCOME the confident and inspiring leader that you know you’re meant to be—but you aren’t getting the support you need to get you there.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re ready to step up from being a master “doer” to leader, but you’re unsure of how to make that happen either internally or how to confidently package your skills for a role outside your current company.

  • You’re the owner of a growing business and you’re getting ready to make a hire (or three) and don’t feel confident about how to effectively grow and lead your team.

  • You’re a new manager, but you aren’t getting help at work to learn how to be a good manager—you feel under trained and under supported, like you’re making it all up as you go along.

  • You’re in a new leadership role and you’re dealing with complex challenges and an overwhelming workload, and it’s all weighing heavily on you outside of work hours. You’re not sure who you can talk to, or if you have the chops to handle it.

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You’ve tried attending workshops on management, read top leadership books, and listened to fancy podcasts—but you’re not sure how to tie all of that together in a way that actually enhances your leadership practices in your work.

What you need is a customized leadership plan that’s built around you. Good leadership isn’t one size fits all—it’s about knowing your strengths and skill gaps, the core principles that drive you, and the sustainable practices that will support you in showing up for your team as the best version of yourself every single day.

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Through this customized, one-on-one coaching program, you’ll define your personal Strategic Leadership Plan: a vision for the leader you are meant to be and the goals and action steps that will help you lead with intention and confidence.

The plan includes your personal mission, the core values that drive your leadership style, the unique tools that you carry in your toolbox, your personalized vision for success, and more. Week to week, we’ll develop your goals and advance implementation strategies that will align your actions with your best leadership.

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  • 75-minute initial session either in person or through Zoom

  • 8 weekly 50-minute coaching sessions via phone

  • An intake questionnaire that will help you define your greatest leadership challenges and potential—and help us hit the ground running from week one

  • Weekly customized action steps

  • Access to my extensive library of tools that will help you define and develop your leadership skills, self-knowledge, and confidence

  • Assessments to determine your unique approach to leadership

  • Email support between sessions to keep the action moving forward and celebrate your successes

  • A customized Strategic Leadership Plan that includes your mission, vision, values, leadership style, definition of success, goals and action steps to strategically bring your leadership vision to life, and more

As your leadership coach, I’ll share my toolbox of resources and exercises that will guide you through the process of defining your leadership and hold you accountable to taking meaningful steps forward week by week. I’ll be your thought partner for working through your unique leadership challenges confidentially so you won’t have to say “it’s lonely at the top.” I’ll challenge you to own your unique strengths, style, and areas for skill development, and together we’ll make a plan to tackle limitations step by step.

$1197 with payment plans available

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My Path to Leadership

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I have a B.A. in Education Studies (Brown University), I’m a Certified Professional Coach (iPEC), hold a Certificate in Nonprofit Management & Leadership (Tufts University), and I’m a graduate of the Emerging Leaders Program at the Rhode Island Foundation. I have over 10 years of experience in supporting direct reports, mentees, and clients through leadership development and over 6 years of experience in professional coaching. (Learn more about what coaching is and my approach here.)

Early in my career, I climbed the leadership ladder through five different job titles in six years, from Administrative Coordinator to Associate Director, where I was the Executive Director’s right-hand-woman, responsible for the organization’s operations, employee development, and strategic planning and implementation.

As I stepped into that new role, I felt a transition took place—I crossed over some kind of invisible threshold from contributor to Leader with a capital “L.” I was now in a position not just to say that the organization should do this or that but to actually design and implement meaningful change for greater impact.


As it turns out, in addition to being invigorated by that charge, I also felt the weight of it settle onto my shoulders. I was under trained and under supported by my under resourced organization, and it was up to me to figure out a way to build my own skills. I couldn’t talk with my co-workers about the challenges our organization faced in quite the same way as before; I felt isolated and anxious. I’d regularly wake up at 3am worrying about how to approach the challenges we faced and the difficult conversations I needed to have with both my direct reports and my boss.  

That’s when I sat down and developed my Strategic Leadership Plan. It serves as both a grounding document that defines who I am as a leader and a sustainable guide for living that authentic leadership day to day.


what clients are saying...


I’ve worked with professionals from varied fields—finance, marketing & PR, nonprofit management, HR, and consulting, to name a few—to define and develop their own Strategic Leadership Plans. Here’s what they have to say about the value of our work together:



The Strategic Leadership coaching program is perfect for you if:

  • You have 5+ years of career experience

  • You’re excited and charged by leadership opportunities and challenges

  • You have a growth mindset and want to learn through leadership challenges

  • You’re ready to dedicate a minimum of 3 hours/week of thoughtful and focused time on advancing your leadership

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Are you ready to bring your best leadership forward?

As a result of our work together:

  • You’ll confidently use the word “Leader” to describe yourself because you’ll be able to speak clearly about how you authentically connect to that title.

  • You’ll be on your way to becoming a strong leader and trusted mentor within your organization.

  • You’ll be more comfortable handling difficult conversations and inspiring and empowering your team.

  • You’ll know how to better balance leadership and execution tasks and set boundaries that support sustainable leadership practices.

...so that you’ll be entrusted with new leadership projects and roles, and you'll be ready to step up to those opportunities with skill, confidence, and clarity.

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