Penney Leadership leads interactive workshops for businesses and organizations to foster leadership development and purposeful organizational strategy and growth.  We come to you with dynamic content and facilitation expertise to meet your particular training goals or organizational challenges; we make our time together engaging, reflective, and generative for all participants. 

Pricing varies depending on number of participants and session length. To inquire about or set up a workshop, fill out the contact form below.


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Values-Led Leadership
A workshop to cultivate leadership at all levels in your organization. Participants will:
- Uncover their innate leadership qualities

- Articulate the values that form the foundation of their unique leadership style
- Develop confident grounding to practice leadership no matter their job title

Creating a Culture of Purpose
A workshop to reignite and deepen employee engagement. Participants will: 
- Learn about new research that points to purpose/meaning as the key to satisfaction at the office
- Define their unique mission at work
- Personally connect to the overall company mission

Enhancing Team Performance
A workshop to improve team dynamics for greater impact. Participants will:
- Use a framework to identify their individual work styles
- Gain actionable insights on how they can meld those styles to collaborate more effectively
- Develop an appreciation of how different approaches contribute to greater team impact

Managing Organizational Change Together
A workshop to navigate organizational change at the individual and team levels. Participants will: 
- Take the time to reflect on the impact of organizational change
- Gain new perspectives on how to manage the transition effectively

- Develop individual & team strategies for navigating change & uncertainty

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Cultivating Professional Resilience
A workshop on navigating non-linear career paths and a constantly-changing job market. Participants will: 
- Learn tools that will help them be both focused and adaptable as they build their own career path
- Frame who they are and what they bring to the table in order to more easily pivot careers
- Develop strategies for managing the inevitable uncertainty of a non-linear 21st century career path

Uncovering Your Inner Compass: Values as a Tool for Career Navigation
A workshop all about using core values to create a purposeful career path. Participants will: 
- Uncover the core principles that influence why and how they show up to their work
- Discover how to use values as a tool for decision-making and creating a career path that aligns with who they are
- Learn a new way of articulating themselves for networking, cover letters, and job interviews

Creating & Activating Your Professional Vision
A workshop on developing a strategic vision & goals for meaningful professional work. Participants will: 
- Define a vision for their professional future that is purposeful, specific, and actionable
- Explore the balance between being focused and adaptable to unexpected opportunities

- Set strategic goals that close the gap between where they are now and their envisioned future

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Your Facilitator

Carole Ann develops new and mid-level mission-driven leaders who want to navigate their career paths and their leadership with confidence and authenticity. Through 1:1 coaching and interactive workshops, she guides her clients to develop their purposeful, aligned, and impactful work and leadership.


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