The Essential Tool for Navigating a 21st Century Career Path

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After working with over 40 clients on developing the next steps of their careers, I've noticed that they often come to me focused on the tactical and logistical steps ahead of them: things like performance reviews, job descriptions, updating their resumé and LinkedIn profiles, writing cover letters, and searching and applying for new positions.

These are the tasks that we usually associate with career building. I think of them as a career roadmap—a landscape laid out in front of you with many different roads and stops along the way to your destination: the next step in your career and leadership journey.

But I've seen through clients and through my own experiences that navigating the career roadmap can be overwhelming and even paralyzing. There are so many roads are available, and the linear paths of the past have turned into winding, intersecting streets that we often need to pave for ourselves. 

Before you begin work on the roadmap, you need a navigation tool to guide you—a compass to steer you to not just the next stop on your journey, but the right next step for you.

This compass is your Strategic Career Plan
, which will ground your professional decisions in your personal mission, the values that drive your leadership style, your unique skills, and your vision for your career development.

Your Strategic Career Plan allows you to:

Creatively lead your career development with intention, freeing you from following the road you happen to or believe you should be on.

Focus your next steps. Efficiently identify opportunities and work environments that align with your strengths and values. 

Develop your elevator pitch. Personalize and authentically express your skills and the strengths you bring to a particular leadership position.

Advance your career with confidence. Step up to new leadership responsibilities and grow your impact.

Your Strategic Career Plan is not ready-made. There’s no one-size-fits-all here. It is a customized leadership plan that’s built around you. It articulates who you are and where you’re going, and it is also adaptable, helping you cultivate professional resilience in a changing career landscape.

The more I share this tool, the more I'm convinced: it's not just "nice" and "helpful"—it is essential to navigating the 21st century and creating a meaningful life.


As you think about the landscape ahead in your own career development, take some time to create the navigation tool that will guide you forward. Download your free workbook here to get started.