5 Tips to Actually Implement Conference Insights

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Bring on the lanyards and name tags!

This is my marathon week: I'm attending three conferences in seven days, with three different speaking opportunities. By Saturday, this introvert is going to be hiding under a blanket in the fetal position.

I've known this big week was coming for the past few months, and I've been gearing myself up for it.  While there are moments when I feel overcome with how "on" I'll need to be for a sustained period of time, I'm more excited to step out on a new level.

This is an opportunity to share my mission and invite people into the questions I care most deeply about: navigating motherhood and career ambition, developing your authentic leadership, and nonprofit capacity-building. If only there was one more conference this week on 1:1 coaching, I'd be in heaven.

When I think about attending conferences, I think about this conundrum: You're feeling inspired! You have tons of pages of notes! You have so many ideas about what you'll do differently at work as a result! And....you arrive back to your desk, which is buried in paperwork, emails, and tasks that piled up while you were away.

Implementing conference ideas is always the hardest.

Here are 5 tips to actually implement conference insights:

1. Before you go to the conference, block off a chunk of time on your calendar for the following week.

2. At the conference, recruit an accountability partner to help you synthesize and implement the new ideas you’re leaving with. It might be a colleague from your office, or a new connection with whom you want to foster a relationship.

3. After the conference, sit down during your blocked-off time to go through your notes and capture ideas in three columns: ideas to research, topics to discuss with your team, and action steps to take. 

4. Look back through your lists, star your top three items, and share them with your accountability partner. Make a plan to check in regularly on your progress.

5. Finally, commit to creating content to synthesize your key takeaways—in a blog post for your company, a presentation for your colleagues at the next staff meeting, or even a post on your personal LinkedIn page. 

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