I'm all in.


As of this past Monday, I am all in on Penney Leadership! I wrote recently about piecing together multiple careers, which has been a way of life for me for over 10 years now. At times, I've managed upwards of four email addresses and business cards at once, answering to multiple supervisors and bosses.

Last week, I asked myself, What would it look like if I devoted by full resources to my personal mission?

I've been using a word that I hate lately: busy. I took on a lot at the start of this year by growing my business, serving as Interim Executive Director at a nonprofit, and offering nonprofit consulting through a local firm. I've felt compressed, harried, and overwhelmed. Some people wear busy as a badge of honor. To me, it means that I'm not living true to my core definition of success: a sense of enjoyment in my life.

A dear friend asked me: What's going to go? It came time to practice what I preach—to use my personal Strategic Career Plan as a filter to make decisions about my career path. To hold my values, mission, vision, and definition of success up against the opportunities before me.

It was no wonder when I found the work I created for myself asking for more of my attention. It was the most intuitive, clear decision I've ever made. I didn't hem and haw. I didn't run it by 38 people before I made a choice. I know who I am, what I stand for, and the skills I bring to my work—and because of that self-knowledge, I know what path to choose in alignment. That was Wednesday.

By Friday, my colleagues at the consulting firm were bidding me goodbye and cheering me on as I go all-in on Penney Leadership. It feels amazing to have the confidence and trust in myself and the business I've built to allow me to fully express myself and in turn support I life I enjoy.

Here's the thing: Writing your Strategic Career Plan helps you to know yourself and what is meaningful to you more deeply, so you can harness that as a filter for defining your next steps—both within your current role or in a new environment. 

To start writing your own Strategic Career Plan, download the free Lead Your Career Workbook.