Lead Your Career Workbook (Free!)

You are ready to move your career forward and develop your leadership journey—but need clarity and direction to take the next steps.

I work with clients all the time who are overwhelmed by all of the possible paths in today's ever-changing career landscape. We work together to develop a personalized Strategic Career Plan that helps them navigate the twists and turns with confidence, purpose, and adaptability. It all starts with a deep sense of who you are and what you stand for. That's what this workbook is all about. 

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Hi, I'm Carole Ann

I develop mission-driven leaders who are ready to take the next steps in their career development. 

As a certified Strategic Career Coach, I guide my clients to design a Strategic Plan that forms the framework for their purposeful work and leadership.


By diving into this workbook, you'll:

  • Learn the difference between the tactical steps of career development and the tool that will help you navigate those steps with clarity and efficiency

  • Unpack where you are in your career development

  • Begin to draft elements of you Strategic Career Plan, including your unique sense of purpose, what you bring to your leadership, and your measures for success

  • Set intentions for the next steps of your career

  • Learn how all of this forms the framework of your career & leadership journeys