We look back at our "career path" and laugh (or feel ashamed) because it doesn't resemble a path at all, but a collection of random steps that seem not to connect.

And though we might have some ideas about what paths we'd like to explore, we struggle to talk about our skills and qualifications in a way that allows us to get where we want to go.

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I delight in helping you define a journey and destination that suits you and sharing tools for you to feel equipped to get where you want to go and maximize your enjoyment along the way.

I work with clients in person, on the phone, or via video. I’ve worked with mission-driven professionals from across the country who work in nonprofit, for profit, and government roles in the fields of education, finance, marketing & PR, museums and cultural institutions, human resources, insurance, entrepreneurship, energy efficiency, and consulting.


One Focused Session
75-minutes to gain clarity on your next steps

Small Group Intensive Program
8-week program to chart your career course

Private 1:1 Customized Coaching Program
8 weeks to career & leadership transformation