You want to move forward on your career path with intention, purpose, and clarity but right now, everything feels like a tangled mess of ideas, dreams, and chaos.  

You feel lost and directionless, like there’s no focus to your career path. It feels like your trajectory doesn’t make any sense. You’re interested in or have tried a lot of different things, but aren’t sure how they all fit together. You don’t know if you’re on the right path, or any path at all, for that matter.

Maybe you feel like you haven’t hit the marks that you thought you would have by this time in your life. Maybe you’ve lost your mojo or confidence at work and you know you need to step up your game to find not just the next thing, but the right next thing that aligns with who you truly are and who you’re meant to become.

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What if I told you that I’m 100% positive that everything you need to become a
decisive and confident leader of your career path is already inside you?

You won’t find your calling by searching outside of yourself at workshops, in professional development books, or the bottom of a bottle of wine.

Clarity about your path ahead can’t be “found” outside of yourself. It comes from within—carving out the space and using tools to draw out the wisdom and data is already within you, and working with a strategic partner to download it all, organize it, create meaning from it, and strategically act on it.


It’s time to stop playing it small and come out of the shadows.
It’s time to become the leader of your career.

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Together, we’ll sift through what’s in your head, your heart, and your resume to uncover and articulate your sense of purpose and direction, the skills you bring to the table, and your vision for yourself.

These are the building blocks for your personal, actionable Strategic Career Plan: outlining your unique mission and values, an inventory of your skills and background, your vision and definition of success, and goals and action steps that will bring that powerful vision to life.

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Your Strategic Career Plan is a compass that will guide you in your next steps and beyond.

The best part? This Strategic Career Plan doesn’t just apply to your next steps. It is the foundation of who you are, no matter what changes in your life—whether you’re seeking a new job, you find yourself in a new state or a new relationship, or (hooray!) you’re catapulted to new leadership heights.

No matter what circumstances you find yourself in, you’ll feel grounded and confident in what makes you you and what path forward will align best with your guiding principles.

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Strategic Career Coaching Package includes:

  • 8 weekly 50-minute coaching sessions via phone

  • An intake questionnaire that will download all of that chaos in your head, heart, and resume—and help us hit the ground running

  • Weekly customized action steps

  • Access to my extensive library of tools that will help you dig deep, uncover, and synthesize who you are

  • Email support between sessions to keep the action moving forward and celebrate your successes

  • A customized Strategic Career Plan that includes your mission, vision, values, definition of success, your goals and action steps to strategically bring your vision to life, and more

As your career coach, I’ll be your partner in bringing clarity to your career path. Through deep listening, customized assignments, and resources from my extensive toolbox, I’ll help you challenge the assumptions and limitations you’ve set on yourself, champion your strengths and unique qualities, listen deeply and reflect back what the best version of yourself already knows, and hold you accountable to taking the steps to lead yourself on an intentional path.

$997 with payment plans available

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why i'm your secret weapon for career clarity

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I’m Carole Ann Penney, CPC, and my calling is to develop ambitious, mission-driven individuals and organizations. I help new and mid-level leaders who want to define their leadership journey or pivot into a more meaningful career with confidence and authenticity. I believe that everyone has a unique purpose, set of values, and talents that drive them at a core level, but that we each need clarity and courage to identify and share those gifts. 

My superpower is that I see connections everywhere and get right to the heart of the matter—that’s a huge comfort to people who are navigating change or feel directionless. No matter how many twists and turns your path has taken, I promise you that it all makes sense.

I have a B.A. Education Studies (Brown University), I’m a Certified Professional Coach (iPEC), and hold a Certificate in Nonprofit Management & Leadership (Tufts University). I have over 10 years of experience in supporting direct reports, mentees, and clients in career navigation and over 6 years of experience in professional coaching. Learn more about what it's like to work with me here.



what clients are saying...


My past clients have gone from dead-end, soul-sucking desk jobs to starting their own businesses that share their true gifts with the world and make them feel alive; they’ve successfully pivoted careers by developing the connections between their current skill set and their dream job in another industry; and they’ve gone from a career of wandering to moving into leadership positions. Past clients have reached out 5 years after our coaching to tell me that they’re still applying their “ahas” and take aways from our sessions.



I've been there

I know what it feels like to see former classmates and be embarrassed to answer the dreaded question “What do you do?”—both because I hadn’t hit the marks that I thought I would by that time, and because I knew I was playing it small. 

I know what it feels like to cast an excessively wide net in a job search, just guessing on the right fit and wasting energy on cover letters for positions that I would never truly enjoy.

And I know how it feels to become the leader of my own life—to turn all of that confusion and waffling into clarity and confidence, making strategic moves to bring my vision for a career that I love to life.

The Strategic Career Plan program
is perfect for you if:

  • You’re ready to become a leader of your career path

  • You’re drawn to meaningful work that expresses who you are—more of a "calling" than a "j-o-b" job

  • You’re ready to be accountable for making change in your life

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So, are you ready to stop making it all up as you go along?
Ready to feel grounded instead of lost and directionless?

As a result of our work together, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for in a job search and take action towards not just new opportunities but the right opportunities for you.


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